Welcome to Rainer's GEOS Page

English pages are available for a part of my website:


For all other pages, there is no fully featured web site in English available. You may use the German sites, they contain a short english description for every content Item. All download tables are organized in the same way:

Download links, screenshots links or information German description
A short English description and links to English version, if any.


If you are interested to use my German programs, but you have trouble to understand how it works, because you cannot understand the German language, feel free to contact me for help. In case that you are interested to translate one of my programs into the English language, contact me, and I will give you all necessary files and support you while translating. I'm very interested to translate all of my programs into the English language, but i have no time to do that....

If you have some questions, comments or suggestions email to: Rainer Bettsteller


Have some fun